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Recovery gear so good, you wouldn't be caught dead without it.

It all began with an idea: what if we could create a ground anchor that wasn’t a big, heavy, piece of metal and was something we could carry with us wherever we went. What we created became much more.

The Deadman is the most versatile off-road recovery anchor on the market, capable of anchoring to just about anything Mother Earth throws our way. Lightweight and easily stowed under a seat, it’s the only recovery anchor that works around rocks, on trees, and in the ground.

Ground Anchor

Bury the Deadman happily in his grave to create a reliable anchor point even in the middle of the desert. The deeper the grave, the higher the Deadman’s capacity–we’ve tested in the ground to over 8,000lbs!

Rock Hugger

The Deadman can use its massive surface area and multiple straps to give rocks a big ol’ hug without budging. Just do us a favor and make sure your rock of choice is heavy enough to stay put as well.

Tree Snuggler

The Deadman’s slings create an extra-long 15′ loop that can act as a 33,200lb tree strap. Plus, the Deadman’s tarp is less abrasive to the tree than standard straps, so everyone wins in this scenario.

This should be an essential part of everyone's recovery kit.

Yeti Built


What stand out to me is it's versatility - it gives you options.

Emily Miller

Founder, Rebelle Rally

We love seeing this kind of new innovation in recovery products!

Nick Taylor

NPTC Off-Road Driving Assessor

Introducing the Deadman Academy

We make some powerful recovery tools, but we know that they’re most powerful in knowledgable hands. We’re committed to making sure every Deadman owner can confidently put their kit to use, get their hands dirty, and unstuck themselves with ease. 

We’re proud to introduce a new feature on our website, the Deadman Academy. Here we’ll share educational content, expert tips, and all the dirty details. Whether you’re a recovery expert or totally new to the off-road world, we’ve got something for every experience level. Let’s put your Deadman gear to use, shall we? 

Ready to upgrade your recovery kit?

Head to our store to browse products from soft shackles to full recovery kits. We’ve got everything you need to adventure with confidence–and the Deadman is ready to ride shotgun. What are you waiting for? Go check it out!