Rock Hugger Instructions

Guidelines for using the Deadman to anchor to a rock 

The Deadman loves rocks! 

Boulders make great winch points – if you can get around them safely. Given that it’s NEVER a good idea to winch with a tow strap (when it breaks, it'll sting a little more than a rubber band snapping) we believe the Deadman is the safest way of anchoring to a large rock. The Deadman uses its massive surface area and multiple straps to give the rock a big ol’ hug and stay put. When used in conjunction with a winch line extension and snatch block (our preferred method, currently), the Deadman becomes the foundation of a self-balancing anchor, lessening the risk of dangerous shock loads. So now that we know the Deadman isn’t going anywhere, do us all a favor and make sure you find a rock that’s just as strong.


To anchor to a rock, wrap the Deadman around a large rock (face in). Ensure the rock is large enough to safely take the force of the winch without moving. Situate the Deadman for the best possible hug, with the arms going over the rock and the legs going under the rock. If the rock is very large, use a winch line extension or other non-stretch strap to grab both sides of the Deadman and attach the winch line to the center of the strap. Adjust the Deadman as needed so the arms and legs have equal tension.