Tree Snuggler Instructions

Guidelines for using the Deadman as a tree saver

So let’s say you don’t need a ground anchor – you only travel in areas where there are trees or rocks aplenty. The Deadman utilizes two extra-long 15' slings, acting as TWO 19,800lb tree straps. This gives you a 2x increase in raw capacity and gives you something else a tree strap doesn’t: redundancy. Straps can break, especially when you introduce abrasive surfaces. The Deadman’s tarp does a far better job of protecting the tree -- AND the straps -- than any other tree saver on the market. We don’t know about you, but we feel better having two straps for redundancy when we’re in a jam.

To anchor to a tree, roll or fold the Deadman with the arms and legs fully extended. Place him around the base of a tree and ensure that the tree is large and sturdy enough to support the winching force. Using both lines (all four loops) is recommended.