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Deadman Production Update!!

Daniel Norwood |

Where's my Deadman?!

Believe it or not, we’re hard at work, trying to get Deadmen created and delivered as fast as possible. As of this notice, we have shipped Deadmen to the first 51 backers. Yep, that’s all... We’re very grateful to Blue Ridge Overland Gear (BROG) for their hard work in assembling the Deadman, but it’s turning out to be a more complex process than either of us anticipated. While the product is simple, there’s a lot that goes into it because of the materials we’re using and its size and shape. Furthermore, it turns out that quality takes time (who knew?!) and that's something BROG is known for. They're working hard to ensure each Deadman is not only assembled properly for strength & durability, but they're giving attention to the little details (melting loose threads, wiping off cut marks, properly taping eyes, etc) to deliver quality USA workmanship.

Cry me a river -– I just want to know when I’m getting mine!

We hear you… with so much enthusiasm from the community, we know it’s like Christmas keeps getting delayed. We’re working with BROG to ramp up production and get these bad boys created faster. We have new crew and new machines coming online as we speak, so we expect to see our numbers increase steadily over the next few weeks. 

[Some of] the wait is over!

We’ve said we’re committed to doing everything we can to get your gear to you as soon as possible – this is one of those times where the rubber meets the road. Many of you have other gear that you ordered with your Deadman that is also on hold… well, no longer. 

Our shipping and logistics plan was built around shipping these other items with your Deadman, but we’re tossing that plan now and shipping things separately – at our cost. We feel terrible that we’ve had to keep you waiting – particularly after you went out on a limb and supported us in our infancy, sight unseen. You took a risk, and we want to honor that. 

Beginning this week, we'll start shipping all of the remaining shovels, shackles, Factor 55 gear, stickers, patches, hats, shirts – everything but the Deadman – directly to you. Our goal is to get them all out this week - we'll keep you updated. You’ll get an email with your tracking number when it ships, so keep an eye out for that. Then, as Deadman manufacturing ramps up, we’ll keep shipping them as soon as they come off the line, in the order of your Kickstarter backer number. 

More frequent updates

In the busyness off this production season, we've allowed ourselves to be pulled away from communicating with you about our progress. No more. Until we have shipped every last reward, we will be posting updates of the manufacturing & shipping progress weekly.    

Thank you!

We’re so grateful to you, our first supporters, for your continued support of us! Please accept our sincerest apologies for the delay. We're doing everything we can to catch up and get things out the door. 


Daniel & Bryant