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Weekly Production Update (Sept 29)

Daniel Norwood |

If you didn't see our last update, please visit our Production Update blog post!

Just Ship It!

This week was VERY productive! As promised last week, we set out to ship all of the add-ons and non-Deadman Kickstarter rewards. We did it! We blew through over 250 hand-written cards, packaged over 150 Murder Sporks, and shipped more boxes than our trusty daily-drivers could hold. Watch your mailboxes and front doors this week - it's Christmas in Overlander's Land! (Ok, that was a little lame.)

Due to Overland Expo East, manufacturing of the Deadman was put on hold this week. Production will resume next week and we'll continue shipping Deadmen directly from Blue Ridge Overland Gear. 

Until next week...