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Production Update (Oct 30)

Bryant White |

Production update (Oct 30)

Hello everyone! Sorry we missed the update last week. As hard as we might try to be awesome and deliver a fantastic experience to each of you, sometimes we make mistakes or things happen which are out of our control - and sometimes both happen together. So this week we bring you some bad news, followed by good news, which is followed by some awesome news!

The Bad & the Good

We last communicated to you that we'd shipped thru backer 101 and that we expected to ship another 30 in the week to come. Two things happened that week that disrupted this plan. 

First, we learned that our list was accidentally mixed up and some backers below 101 did not receive their Deadman as indicated. We have corrected the list, so future shipments will happen in the correct order, but we apologize to anyone that was skipped as a result of our error. We can now confirm that everyone who was skipped at that time has been shipped their Deadman as promised. 

Second, Blue Ridge Overland Gear, our manufacturing partner, had two machines malfunction - one due to software incompatibility and another due to simple, yet unavoidable maintenance - which left them with a pile of 99% complete Deadmen that they couldn't quite finish and ship. That resulted in fewer shipments last week than planned. The good news is that these issues have been corrected, manufacturing has resumed, and we caught up on shipments.


The Awesome!!

We are now shipped thru Deadman backer 114 (including those who were originally skipped) and are working on the next batch. That might not sound like awesome news - especially if you're backer number 250... Here's where the awesome comes: this week Blue Ridge is turning it up to 11 and setting up for a batch of > 150, cutting/preparing the pieces this week and assembling/shipping them next week. Sooooo... we expect to see the next ~150 backers receive shipping notices within the next 2 weeks. That means we're hoping to finish the Kickstarter production run in the next two weeks! We know you all have been waiting for far longer than any of us expected, but the wait seems to be nearing an end!! 

Thank you all for your support on the trails and on social media. We couldn't do it without you, and we're stoked to finally get these into your hands!


Daniel & Bryant
The Deadman Team