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Weekly Update (Oct 15)

Daniel Norwood |

This week we're headed to [an undisclosed location in SoCal] to support the Rebelle Rally - the first ever all-female rally competition in the US. We'll be out on the course, assisting with recoveries and wishing we were born with a slightly different chromosome composition... In all seriousness, we're stoked for the women out there in the Rebelle, and for what the Rebelle stands for. As one of their premier sponsors, MAXTRAX states: "The Rebelle Rally covers nearly 2000KM from Lake Tahoe to the edges of the Mexican border, in which the tough ladies navigate completely off-road without the use of any GPS or modern technology—relying solely on maps and compasses. Additionally, they’re tasked with finding a series of remote checkpoints out of the vehicle, being scored on their level of accuracy. It’s one of the toughest motorsport events in the country." #jealous

Team 154 (Road Less Travelled)
Team 154 (Road Less Travelled)

As husbands, and fathers with daughters, we're excited to see how the Rebelle Rally is empowering women and giving them confidence. Events like this give women another perspective on what's possible, and continue to break down cultural barriers. We are proud to support several competitors and a few teams, and to have met many of these women along the way. We can't be with them till late this week, but we're cheering them on from home. If you're interested to catch the action, check out: http://www.rebellerally.com/live-scoring/    

Production Update

Another week is behind us, and more Deadmen have been manufactured. Blue Ridge reports that we're on schedule with 30 completed last week and another 50 planned for the week ahead - so the pace is picking up! Hopefully everyone has received their other gear by now, so even though the Deadman is what you all signed up for, at least you're not waiting on everything. 

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us via Kickstarter, email, or on Instagram.

Daniel & Bryant