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  • Production Update (Nov 22)

    Hey everyone! Sorry for the lapse in comms - it's been a frustrating few weeks.  We last reported that Blue Ridge Overland Gear (BROG) was prepping a pile of about...

    Daniel Norwood |

  • Production Update (Oct 30)

    Production update (Oct 30) Hello everyone! Sorry we missed the update last week. As hard as we might try to be awesome and deliver a fantastic experience to each of...

    Bryant White |

  • Weekly Update (Oct 15)

    This week we're headed to [an undisclosed location in SoCal] to support the Rebelle Rally - the first ever all-female rally competition in the US. We'll be out on the course, assisting...

    Daniel Norwood |

  • Weekly Production Update (Oct 7)

    Hey everyone! Quick update: We're shipping the Deadman as fast as we can - we've shipped through backer #101 and are on pace to ship 30+ this week and 50+...

    Daniel Norwood |

  • Weekly Production Update (Sept 29)

    If you didn't see our last update, please visit our Production Update blog post! Just Ship It! This week was VERY productive! As promised last week, we set out to...

    Daniel Norwood |

  • Deadman Production Update!!

    Where's my Deadman?! Believe it or not, we’re hard at work, trying to get Deadmen created and delivered as fast as possible. As of this notice, we have shipped Deadmen to the...

    Daniel Norwood |